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How to Buy

How to Buy

Step 1: Browse the Products

Explore our collection of women's fashion items. You can view various styles, colors, and sizes on our store.

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Step 2: Select Size and Color

Based on your preferences and needs, choose the appropriate size and color.

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Step 3: Add to Cart

Once you have decided on the desired items style, size, and color, click the "Add to Cart" button.

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Step 4: View Cart and Checkout

Review the items you have added to your cart, confirm the order details, and select the checkout option.

Shopping Cart

Step 5: Fill in the receiving information

Fill in the accurate delivery address and contact information to ensure that the goods can be delivered accurately. PLEASE DO NOT SKIP PROVIDING THE EMAIL, OTHERWISE WE CANNOT CONTACT YOU.

Shipping Information

Step 6: Provide Shipping Information

Enter the accurate shipping address and contact details to ensure proper delivery of your products.

Shipping Information

Step 6: Choose Payment Method

Select your preferred payment method on the checkout page and provide the necessary payment information.

Payment Options

Step 7: Confirm Your Order

Review the order summary, shipping information, and payment details to ensure everything is accurate.

There will be an order confirmation email sent by our system 30 minutes after the order payment is completed. So it is very important to fill in the email address when placing an order.

Shipping Process

We offer worldwide shipping, ensuring that our products can be delivered to any country. Once your order is confirmed, our team will process and ship it within the specified time frame.

If you encounter any issues with the quality of the products upon receipt, you can apply for a refund or exchange. For any post-purchase or after-sales inquiries, you can contact our customer service team via email, social media, or our online store's live chat support.