Three of the best ways how to pick a dress

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It is said that life needs a sense of ritual, so of course, the same is true of dressing. Even if you don't usually dress yourself up very much, you still need to make yourself look more refined when you meet the year-end annual meeting or a more formal party. At this time, a dress that suits you is very important.
Dress is a solemn and formal dress that originated in social activities in ancient times. And if you want to fully show your own shortcomings, you need to choose the right dress that suits you. Below, three Youzhen will teach you how to choose a dress to make yourself the focus of the audience.

1.according to the material selection

Because the dress is not usually worn, it will only be worn on major occasions, so the material should also appear to be of high grade. Dresses made of different materials give people different visual senses, and at the same time exude different charms. So when choosing a dress, the material becomes very important.

1.1: Satin

Anastasia Light Green Feather Midi Dress

The satin material is thick and textured, and it feels smooth and has a glossy feel. It is a commonly used material for making high-end fashion. At the same time, the satin surface looks dignified and simple, but also gorgeous, and has a good sense of stiffness. It will not expose too much body curves, which can play a good shaping effect and make the shape more advanced.
Selection suggestion: The satin material is thick and stiff, which can play a certain role in shaping, but in order to avoid bringing a sense of cumbersomeness to the shape, it is recommended to choose a satin dress with a lot of exposed skin but at the same time design a relatively simple, in order to create an overall lightness and harmony. Sophistication.
1.2: Lace
Lace is a material that girls are very familiar with and like. It feels soft and comfortable, and the unique and delicate texture of concave and convex can highlight the romantic elegance of women. At the same time, it also has a sense of luxury. Body trimmed.

Recommendations for selection: Lace dresses generally adopt a more slim cut, so if you are a girl with a lot of flesh, you need to avoid it. It is easy to expose the shortcomings of the figure, but it can be easily controlled by a girl with a slender figure. At the same time, lace should choose low-saturation colors to visually give people a sense of luxury.
1.3: Chiffon
Chiffon is often called imitation silk, because it has the softness and elegance of silk board, and at the same time, the material is light, transparent and has good air permeability. It is a fashionable fabric material pursued by fashionable women. Moreover, the chiffon has good drape, and it is elegant and charming when used on the upper body of the dress. It is very solemn and elegant.
Selection suggestion: The chiffon is light, thin and transparent, and some dresses are not lined, so you can wear an extra flesh-colored inner layer in order to avoid the light. Or directly choose a dress with lining or more layers of fabrics to directly avoid embarrassment.

2. Choose according to length

The length of the dress not only affects the goodness of the dress, but also reflects the grandeur of your style to a certain extent, and dresses of different lengths will also affect the wearer's aura and temperament. So when choosing a dress, you should also choose according to your own needs.
2.1: Mini dress

Journee Pink Backless Blazer Mini Dress

The mini dress is the length of the skirt above the knee. This length is very comfortable to wear, and it is easy and convenient to move, and the formality is not strong. It is very suitable for a more relaxed party and looks lively and playful, but it is obviously not suitable for more formal. the occasion.
Selection suggestion: When choosing a short dress, you should pay attention that the length should not be lower than the middle of the thigh, otherwise it will appear frivolous and will increase the embarrassment of going out. At the same time, short dresses have higher requirements on the shape of the legs, and are suitable for girls with good-looking legs. Girls with unsightly legs should try to avoid them.
2.2: Midi dress

Taylor Purple Feather Bodycon Midi Dress

The v-weight of the midi dress is very suitable for looking at summer teeth on many occasions. Casual and not too grand, it is very suitable for repeated wear on many occasions. And this length can not only ensure the dignified atmosphere of the shape,
It is also more convenient to walk and has strong practical wearability.
Selection suggestion: When choosing a mid-length dress, pay attention to the length not to be stuck in the position of the calf, which will make the calf visually thick, and at the same time, there is a danger of appearing fat and fat, so choose the length near the ankle. It's easy to get taller and thinner. If you are a girl with poor legs, you can also choose it, and you can easily hide your shortcomings and look more elegant and tall.
2.3: Maxi dress

naomi black feather tassel maxi dress

The maxi dress is the length of the skirt at or below the ankle, and the longest is the length of the floor. This length of dress is very gorgeous, a very luxurious dress, giving people a dignified and elegant feeling, generally suitable for more solemn and formal occasions. However, because the length is relatively long, it will be a little inconvenient to walk, and the daily reuse rate is relatively low.
Selection suggestion: The most important thing for long dresses is to highlight the gorgeousness, so pay attention to the tailoring of the dress when choosing, and choose a high-waist style that fits your body as closely as possible, so that you can show your figure and reduce the suppression of height, no matter how tall you are. The younger sister or the short younger sister can be very aura, highlighting the noble and elegant temperament.

3.according to the selection of elements

One of the reasons why the dress looks charming and fascinating is that it is not only tailored properly, but also adds a lot of exquisite element designs, giving the dress a more interesting and diverse soul, in order to interpret various styles and temperaments, and the elements of the dress can be based on your own. Choose according to your body type and preferences.
3.1: Hollow out
The hollow element is synonymous with transparency and sexy, and the fashion industry often uses this element to express knitting or cutting technology, which is deeply loved by fashion people. When the hollow and the dress are combined, your sexy and tender feelings can be fully revealed, and a large area of ​​skin can be exposed, which can even show the seductive seduction, giving people a sense of luxury as a whole.
Recommendations for selection: When choosing a dress with hollow elements, pay attention to not exposing the skin too much, otherwise it will easily leave people with a frivolous feeling, because the hollow has its own sexy attributes. If you feel that your figure is unpredictable, you can choose a hollow dress to divert the attention of others, and use the appropriate exposed skin to show the sense of temptation.
3.2: Ruffles
As a retro element, ruffles have gradually changed from a symbol of social status to an element called decorative women's clothing in the fashion industry. Applying it to the dress, the smart and playful lotus leaf is matched with the generous and elegant dress, giving a noble feeling.
Selection suggestion: Dresses with ruffled elements have a dreamy sense of vision, so they are very suitable for younger girls to choose, adding liveliness and agility. At the same time, the layered design of the lotus leaf has the effect of expansion and shielding, which is very suitable for girls with a relatively slender figure, which can make the figure look plump.
3.3: Nail beads
The beading element is a relatively complex process, which needs to be done manually and laboriously, but the effect presented is very amazing. The beading material is usually glass beads, metal beads, crystal beads, and there are a few more luxurious and gorgeous clothes. High-grade pearls, gold and other valuable decorative items are also used to sew on clothes, reflecting the dignity of the clothes.
Selection suggestion: The general tailoring of the dress is very suitable, so the design of adding beading will make the whole look more noble. Appropriate local embellishment will not destroy the overall beauty, but has a icing on the cake effect, which can be perfectly integrated.

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