What is a bodycon dress?


 A woman with a perfect body is happy, after all, the vast majority of women have body defects, in the summer, we can see all kinds of women with excellent bodies, wearing all kinds of skirts and shorts, in the summer sun, wantonly enjoy the sunshine and youth. However, we found that for most women in good shape, the most frequent choice of clothes is the bodycon dress, strange, why not choose a mini dress or skirt, but choose the bodycon dress?

feather black mini dress

What is a bodycon dress? As the name suggests, it's a dress that closely fits the body, or is slightly wide. After wearing, for a woman with a good figure, it is simply a walking coat hanger, which will expose a woman's curve.

What are the types of bodycon dresses? Middle waist shape Including low waist type (waist position below the waistline), high waist type (waist position above the waistline), and standard type; Because the connection between the dress and the dress is just at the waist of the human body, it is commonly known as the "mid-waist dress" in the clothing industry. Because of its moderate height, and beautiful shape, beautiful, suitable for all levels of women's wear. The waist type includes dress type, tight type, with princess line (from the shoulder to the bottom of the vertical broken suture line), and tent type (directly from the upper start lose).

diamante black mini dress

Low waist: The position of the waist shall be determined according to the proportion of the length of the garment. If the dress is flared, drawn, or pleated, the hem is larger.

High waist: The waist position above the waistline of the dress. Most of the shapes are waisted and wide. This dress is also called the (Napoleon) imperial dress.

Standard type: The waist is placed in the most detailed position of the body.

Double waist shape Form-fitting: The dress that is tighter and more form-fitting than a straight cut. The side stitches of the dress are straight lines that fall naturally.

With the princess line: the use of vertical broken stitches from the shoulder to the hem, reflecting the curvy dress emphasizes the waist and wide swing. Like the princess line and knife back line, in the longitudinal insert of broken stitches easy to fit the shape, but also easy to create a preferred shape and three-dimensional sense.

Tent shape: There are loose, extended shapes that start directly from the top, and there are shapes that extend from the chest down. style Common ones are straight dresses, A-line dresses, backless dresses, princess dresses, mini dresses, chiffon dresses, halter dresses, denim dresses, lace dresses, etc. Straight dress Modern dress class name, also known as "straight dress", is one of the new varieties of dress, characterized by the bust, waist, and dress circumference, three basically the same thickness, forming a straight drum shape. The fabric structure is connected from top to bottom, and the waist is not cut. Sometimes a pleated junction edge is attached near the dress for convenience of stepping.

Straight dresses can be worn by both children and adults. Also known as the sack dress. Its dress's body is loose, and the neckline and hemline are closed. It was popular in the 1920s and again in the 1950s. A-line dress The side seam spreads down from the bust to the bottom of the dress, which is shaped like A. By French fashion designer C. Diol was introduced in 1955. Shape A exaggerated hem, embellish shoulder formation. Because the outer contour of type A changes from a straight line to a diagonal line and increases the length, and then reaches the height of exaggeration.

It is the commonly used appearance of women's wear, with a lively, unrestrained, and youthful style. Halter back dress The back is bare to the waist. Various forms. It is advisable to choose soft fabrics with a good draping effect. It was popular among aristocratic women in Europe in the mid-19th century and again in the 1980s. Dress Or an evening dress.

Usually, the shoulder, and collar design is low, wide hemline, and skirt length to the ankle. Multi-use luxurious silk, velvet, and other fabrics cut, and decorative lace, ribbon. Princess dress The upper body is fitted, the lower hem is slightly extended, no waist seam. Named for the princess line cutting method.

Princess line by French fashion designer C.F. Designed by Princess Eugenie, Worth is cut lengthwise from shoulder to hem and consists of six pieces. The mini dress was born in the 1940s. At first, the mini dress was long to the knee. From 1965 to 1970, it gradually shrank to the thigh, suitable for young people's taste.

Chiffon dress

The chiffon dress is a kind of chiffon (light and transparent fabric) made of light texture, transparent, soft, flowing dress. Wear comfortable, light, in the hot summer has a cool feeling. Slip dress Suspenders dress, and suspenders are different, suspenders are generally wide and long, and have slits at the back, while suspenders are narrower and shorter.

Halter dress generally have a section of breast and back protection material above the waist. In the summer season to wear cool, comfortable, except for girls, adults also wear, modern more popular.

Denim dress

The denim dress refers to a dress mainly designed with denim fabric. The denim dress is featured by its fabric durability and washability. It is loved by young people once launched.

Lace dress

The lace dress, is a kind of lace (an exotic product) made of light texture, soft, flowing dress.

Patchwork dress

Patchwork dress is a modern dress name. In patchwork dress, as the name suggests, the color of the upper and lower parts of the dress is not the same, giving people the feeling of two pieces of clothing. Dresses are necessary for girls. They are convenient and beautiful. It doesn't matter if you get up late for work every day. Simply put it on and go straight to the company. Patchwork dress can create the effect of two pieces, and can solve the trouble of lazy MM.

Variable dress

The variable dress is a patented dress with 100 ways of wearing 1 type of dress. This dress can do all the things that dress can do, like skirts, midi dresses, maxi dresses, one-shoulder dresses, halter dresses, breast dresses, halter dresses, and so on. She can do all of these in one dress. White dress with cutout Simple white hollow dress, both fresh and sexy style, just the right length let you create a sense of tall, slim legs show will not appear gaudy but elegant. If you dress well, you definitely get points. If you dress badly, you lose points. Wear it in black, which we all know is slimming. Such a tight dress is naturally what many women dream of, wearing out the effect of natural barre. But how exactly do you pull off such a garment? Let's talk about it today.

naomi black maxi dress

1. Bodycon dress highlights the figure and makes the whole woman's figure convex and concave. Compared with the A-line skirt preferred by the side girls, the bodycon dress can highlight the curves of women's figures more.

2. Bodycon dresses can test your figure and eliminate all flab Many women dare not wear a cheongsam, because it is too high for the figure, the bodycon dress is the same, and your body is a little fat will show no doubt Ha. It's arguably the most inspirational dress, better than a mini dress.

3. It's all about looking good Put on a tight dress, especially for the girls with long legs, so wear up, the absolute walking hanger, very good. You can choose black, you can also choose pure white, in short, how comfortable how to come. So what should you look for when wearing a bodycon dress? In fact, just pay attention to the following aspects:

1, try to choose to wear high heels, do not wear flat shoes After all, in order to look taller, the first thing is to wear high heels, a tight dress with high heels, enough to show a woman's unique charm.

2, you can choose sunscreen clothes or small suits What about in summer when the weather is hot? What about the fear of sunburn? Choose sunscreen, of course. Sunscreen can protect you from most hot weather, so it is your first choice for summer travel. However, when choosing to wear a bodycon dress, the first thing is to be confident, only confident, can wear style. Would you choose to wear a bodycon dress?

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