The hottest feather dress that will never go out of style


In most carnival and passionate parties, cocktail parties, how can we not have a floaty dress? If you want to incarnate as this carnival of the earth fairy, of course, there is no fairy full of feathers dress! Recently the very beautiful fairies have changed into the fairy full of feathers to attend the activity.

black feather dress

Like Internet celebrities, celebrities wear nude pink feather dresses to the event. The upper part of the dress is embroidered with gold thread and pearl pieces to create a delicate pattern, which is not only noble and elegant but also very bright. The bottom half of the dress is made up of a large number of nude pink feathers, which not only feels girly but also looks like the whole person is floating on air, full of fairly down to earth 

Feather dress features

I believe that after you see the feather dress below, you can't help but ask: what is this fairy treasure dress? So floaty feather dress is the following common characteristic.

Fantasy charming more temperament

For the feather dress, the first feature is full of strong fantasy, this is because most of the feather dress is made of a large number of feathers, and feathers themselves belong to the kind of objects with fantasy, so the dress is made of a large number of feathers will appear more dreamy and charming, full of fairy

High-quality workmanship is stylish

Secondly, the second feature of the feather dress is that it is full of an advanced fashionable atmosphere. Due to the material problem, most feather dress is made in hand-made high order, so it is full of advanced fashionable atmosphere from the raw materials of the dress or cut, and you can wear it to show your advanced fashionable sense.

Feather dress selection points

Looking at such a beautiful feather dress, I just love it! I wonder if you can't help but want to have a try like Xiaobian? If you want to give it a try, there are a few tips to keep in mind, or you'll make a fool of yourself.

The style should be as simple and generous as possible

First, when choosing a feather dress, the most important thing to pay attention to is choosing a simple and generous feather dress. This is because the style of simple and generous feather dresses will be relatively more versatile, and the style of simple and generous feather dresses most of the cutting ways are more advanced and simple, so it will be more able to give people a kind of senior fashionable feeling.

The material should be as textured as possible

Secondly, one thing to pay attention to when choosing a feather dress is to remember to choose a feather dress with a higher texture. This is because, for the feather dress, the biggest highlight is the feather, if you choose the texture of the feather is not advanced fantasy, it will give people a feeling of the cheap grade! Therefore, it is suggested that you try to choose a feather dress with high feather texture and a little dream when choosing, to give a person a feeling of dream and elegance. Also, try not to choose a dress with too many feathers, otherwise, it will be easy to appear bloated, and it is particularly not suitable for the usual private clothing street shoot wear.

The single-use of a feather dress

So, after choosing the right and beautiful feather dress, how should we match it to make ourselves more immortal? It is very simple, now let me teach you how to match the feather dress! Your lovely little fairies can be careful to look oh, or the wrong collocation may appear to be rustic!

Feather dress

As for the feathered dress, it is very beautiful on its own. Flowing feathers on the left and right sides of the dress naturally drooping, not only looks girlish, but also very dreamy. Especially when the wind blows gently, the feathers drift with the wind, which is more fairy! But we need to note that it is recommended that you choose a high-waisted feather dress because it will be higher. If there is no high waist style, it is recommended that you can tie a belt with the same color around the waist, so that not only the height but also to create a high-level sense of layers. If you feel that the feather dress is too monotonous, no plasticity, it is suggested that you can try the feather dress ~ because compared with the feather dress, the plasticity of the feather dress and the way can be more diversified, a feather dress can easily create a seven days a week look not the same! If your little fairy figure is very good, it is suggested that you can try a feather dress with tights ~ the upper body a brown sleeveless leather sheath, full of a sexy and mature atmosphere, the lower body in the choice of a yellow color personality feather dress, not only highlights the personality of senior fashion sense but also makes the overall dress more elegant! Well, these are the most beautiful and beautiful feather dresses for parties, parties, and events. I don't know if you like this dreamlike fashionable and advanced feather dress as much as a blogger. If you also like it, you can get a feather dress and try it out. I believe that everyone wearing this kind of ethereal feather dress can become a senior elegant fairy on the scene!

What's the hottest dress on Instagram this year?

pin feather dress

That is the feather fashion element of the dress, have chosen for you, a lot of fashion hipsters have been wearing, interesting fairy keeps reading to know.

  1. Electric blue hanging neck feather dress

The feather dress is this year's Instagram super hot dress, who wear it is so beautiful, it uses this year's popular electric blue color, and a hanging neck design, it looks too high-grade, also very attractive, out of the street to wear, absolutely turn heads 100 percent, simply beautiful.

  1. White V-neck feather dress

The white feather embellished design of the V-neck dress, is this year's Instagram super hot dress, looks simply too small and fresh feel, and will also have a kind of pure temperament, plus this dress is a loose version of the design, not pick the figure, who can put on the perfect clever cover to the upper body fat, wear out the effect is slimming.

  1. White halter feather dress

Feather embellished dress, does it sound very special? Yes, this dress is this year's Instagram super hot dress, even fashionable people have to wear it, is the style of the halter, a hot summer choice to concave shape, cool but also with a touch of a small sexy feel.

  1. Pink vest feather dress

Hot summer, choose this vest feather dress with a concave shape, is the most beautiful, is also this year's Instagram super hot dress style, with light pink feathers, and the breeze gently blowing, really is a too comfortable, too elegant sense, casually put on it is good looking, but also very fashionable feel.

  1. Red hanging neck feather dress

This year's Instagram super fire is this feather dress, or very nice red feathers, wear out of the street is very eye candy, and also very fashionable, the head rate can reach 100% effect, hanging neck dress design, and waist A-line dress, for the girls with wide hips, is simply too suitable, wear its concave shape is very beautiful.

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