sexy bodycon dress, mysterious and versatile little black dress

Hailey Gold Strapless Sequin Cross Dress

For the perfect display of femininity, bodycon dress are our best choice. It wraps up every inch of our curves to the maximum, which is sexy and charming.

 Honestly, a tight dress is more attractive than a full dress. However, not every fairy can pull off this sexy charm. Tight skirts are more suitable for goddesses who are more confident in their bodies. The figure curve concavity has sent, the body does not have the excess fat, put on the sheath dress to be able to enlarge the figure infinitely.

Bodycon dresses may not look good if they are a little fat or flat. Don't opt for bodycon dress that wrap around your body. It's almost impossible to hide meat, especially belly fat.

  For Example

Plump girls must not choose old age or small collar, will appear very wide upper body. A larger neckline is more appropriate.

The choice of fabric is also important, as silk sheath dresses can reveal any excess weight. The denim sheath dress, which is in fashion this year, is much better. Even if the body has a little meat can also be worn, choose the right width and fabric of the dress is stiff, can also show the curve of the figure.

Pay attention to the choice of thin stretch dresses and dresses with stiffer fabrics

 Girls who are on the fat side but still have a well-proportioned figure can try sheath dresses with stiffer fabrics. But don't try stretchy sheath dresses, they're not at all friendly to our little flesh.

 Additional, the dress that clings to the high stretch on the body can delineate the figure line of the women incisively and vividly. Therefore, do not wear such sexy clothes to the office. It will make people around you feel uncomfortable and cause unnecessary embarrassment.

The little black dress goes with everything

In the women's almirah,there is little black dress, it is really 100 match artifact. So I'm going to share the little black dress with you.

NO.1 Choose the right type 

Fairies must choose the right version of the little black dress for their body shape. Dina recommends a sleeveless little black dress with a high waist line and a fluffy hem. A black dress that is A4, crisp and well-cut is the best.

 Why choose a sleeveless dress?

 The answer is simple, because sleeveless dresses are the most likely to match. (Of course, girls with fleshy arms can skip the reference.) 

NO.2 Little Black Dress and Burgundy sweater

If we add a Burgundy sweater with a crew-neck to it, the dress becomes a skirt and instantly becomes artsy, youthful and retro. Throw in a pair of flat loafers
and a chain bag, and you're off the street.

NO.3 Little Black Dress and Coat

 To break the black dullness, you can open the neckline a little wider. Or pair it with a long coat, matching heels and a bag. Or wear a small coat over it. Start with a neutral look, such as a small suit or a long trench coat -- instantly you're a stylish office worker, yet you look relaxed and chic. 

NO.4 Little Black Dress and Accessories

The last collocation idea is the simplest,add to act the role of accessory--necklack,eardrop,take a delicate small bag again,match high heels,delicate and elegant feminine taste stands out. You can wear it to your company's annual meeting or birthday party. If you have a strong understanding of the ability to match the fairies, you can also try different colors of the print style of the interior may have a new discovery oh ~

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