How do you wear a long maxi dress?


Dresses are a kind of clothing that appears very frequently throughout the year. Long dresses are more elegant, so how to match long dresses? The following introduces the collocation of several long dresses, hoping to help you who are also focused on collocation.

How to match a long maxi dress?

Outfit 1: Black Feather Tassel Long Dress & Straw Wedge Sandals

This black feather tassel long dress is very temperamental, and the dark color is very flattering to the skin tone. With a pair of straw wedge sandals, it is a very casual holiday style.

black long dress

Outfit 2: Pink Long Dress

Pink is the color of a very girly heart. This pink chiffon long dress is very ladylike. With a pair of transparent pointed high-heeled sandals, it is elegant and elegant.

pink long dress

Outfit 3: Light purple pattern dress & black high-heeled sandals

This light purple patterned dress is very light and ladylike, paired with a pair of black high-heeled sandals, it is full of goddess style.

purple bodycon dress

Outfit 4: White long dress & white strappy sandals

The white dress is very fairy. This white long maxi dress has a great sense of design. With a pair of white sandals, it is so beautiful .

white long dress

That's all for the above, I hope it can help you, and you can also match it according to a more perfect match to show a more beautiful self.

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