Fashion party, please wear formal dress


Cocktail Party

The dress code for cocktail parties is more formal, and the tones are basically unified in elegant colors such as black, white, wine red, and champagne, and the styles are relatively lackluster. But it is precisely because of this that the small dresses are just ushering in the day. The graceful lace, the raised waistline, and the self-cultivation posture have really changed the old appearance of the small dresses at the cocktail party. In the staggering of Gongchou, experience the life of a famous lady.

 Cocktail Dress Classic

Top pick of the season: short dresses with gold or sparkle accents

gold flaot tassel bandage dress

Matching suggestions:Mini dresses are often suitable for a wider range, but they are slightly informal at the reception, and a little golden dress will add a sense of grandeur and look gorgeous and generous. Of course, accessories are also essential. Artificial crystal and pearl jewelry have good visual effect and moderate price, which is the best choice for party people; and black shoes are the first choice to match with a golden dress.

Cocktail Dress Trendy

Top picks of the season: long white dress, high heels

long white bandage dress

Matching suggestions: For important social occasions such as high-end cocktail parties, a well-fitting designer evening dress can indeed earn high marks for you, so just bite the bullet and invest in one. Of course, it is best to choose a long dress in a simple style and classic colors. If it is said that the most worthwhile investment in this season is a burgundy or blue V-neck dress, you can try a backless style, but people with yellow skin tone should choose purple carefully.

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