Dress waist is big how become small& match a dress with a big waist?


Dress waist is big how to do?

Mayan Mint Green Bandage Corset Dress

Today I'm here to explain the relevant experience of how to get dresses and waistlines smaller. We are buying a dress when inadvertently bought big, wear not very appropriate, so what to change the small secret of dress waist?

Dress waist is big how to change small?

little black mini dress

1. Just move the button to the inside. If the pleats are crooked, the waistline is too large. Reduce the waistline and head of the dress.

2. If it's too big, it's better to go to the sewing shop and ask the gentleman to get it. Just tuck the waist side a little from the inside, no need to plant it. If it's just a little bigger, it's just a matter of matching a suitable belt.

How to match a dress with a big waist?

white bandage dress

1. Wear a belt. Choose a suitable belt, which can hide the waist of the dress, and can also turn stone into gold!

2. Sleeveless vest in a fresh style. Only the color and style are matched, there is no sense of violation, and it can also wear a sense of popularity!

3. With a women's tie (silk scarf) to divert other people's vision. A high-quality silk scarf can be eye-catching.

4. Tie a silk scarf around the waist. Casually tie a ribbon around the waist to show off your effortless beauty, and if you can tie a flower pattern, that's even better.

If the waistline of the dress is too large, we can turn the dress upside down and then sew it at the waistline. It may not be possible to see the traces of sewing, but it is best to take it to a tailor shop for a professional tailor to make it better. 



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